What Not To Do, from personal experience and some wise people

  1. Leave your wallet in your friends mom’s purse.
  2. Buy stuff when you can always sample.
  3. Run a mile with no training what so ever.
  4. think you know everything in a subject and only study the night before.
  5. Make commitments you don’t think that you can keep.
  6. Quit something that you love because other people don’t approve of it.
  7. Lie

Quick Life Lesson: A rose still smells good even without the name rose.

A.K.A. it doesn’t matter what  somebody looks like only judge someone by their loyalty, truthfulness, honesty and personality.

Awesome soap stuff


hey these things are awesome:

well today we went to this awesome place. its called sabon. it’s this soap place. you walk in and they wash your hands for you its amazing. it all smells so good. but out of all the amazing things in the store. we thought these two were the best.

their face polisher, which practically gets rid of your pimples and bad pores. its great, and it leaves your faces soft. we really recommend it for teens who need a really great face wash either to maintain non-acne skin or get rid of acne. This was our favorite because it’s mint component and smell exfoliates your face with the lemon zest beads it is perfection. if your going to be looking for this great face wash. this is what it looks like.

Our favorite scrub was the delicate jasmine body scrub. The smell was incredible and the way it left your skin was overpowering. If you get this scrub, you should know that you are only allowed to use it two times a week from your neck down because of the intensity of the scrub. However, Two times is enough because you are left feeling silky soft. We really recommend it. You can get these things at http://sabonnyc.com.

How to: make cute, bright pillows


Hi, so we decided to make cute little pillows.  you can make them too. its very easy. 

so first things first

  1. you need pillows; if you live near any Ikea or mall you can probably find cheap pillows.
  2. you need bright fabric; you can use old clothes or even buy some fabric. All you need is around a half a yard.
  3. you need a basic understanding of how to sew; you can learn how to sew with tutorials online (look below) or if you already know how you can hand sew or use a sewing machine.
  4. measure your pillow; you should have at least a little more fabric than double the size of your pillow. turn the fabric inside out
  5. pin the sides; after you pin it take out the pillow and sew the sides leave the top of the  fabric open
  6. turn the fabric to the right side; stuff the pillow in and sew the top. you should also cut the extra fabric. 
  7. Add what ever lace and stuff you want
  8. smile because you have a pillow 🙂 🙂 🙂

Our First Post


Hi, this is our first post ever on our new blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are soooooo happy and excited. But we want to know what you guys want to hear from us. tell us by sending us comments. Some things that we will be posting is a weekly what not to do, what’s in style, wacky stories, how to’s, and there is more to come. But please be patient were new to this business.